Welcome to Heart Rock Coffee Shop!  We specialize in small-batch roasting to bring the freshest coffee-drinking experience to you!

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Welcome to Heart Rock Coffee Shop!*

*or Babinski – Heart Rock Coffee, as we go by to keep things legal in Norway.

We’re changing up this page again, so please be patient with us.  This section will have a welcome and just a bit about our coffee roasting operation and coffee selections.


Heart Rock Coffee is our combination of our two favorite things: collecting heart-shaped rocks from around the world on our travels and drinking the freshest coffee we can get our hands on.  For us, that led to roasting coffee ourselves.  We started roasting for ourselves several years ago and that led to roasting for family and friends – and then more friends – and more friends….

Right now, we’re keeping things small while we’re here in Norway, but are looking forward to a bigger roaster and bigger operation once we’re back in the USA full time.  Tricia currently roasts on a 500g/batch Has Garanti roaster, which gives her ‘intimate’ control over the roasts as they develop.  With the small machine, she’s able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the roasting process much more than on a larger machine.

We’re happy to have a great source of specialty-grade coffee locally so that we can offer a variety of coffee to meet everyone’s interest.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Current Roasting Selections

This is where we’ll insert the list of available coffee, either in list form or in a gallery form displaying the bags/source.


Welcome again!

Welcome again to our home on the web.  Fresh coffee really is our passion – and we don’t travel without it.  We haul the jetboil with us on every hike and enjoy a freshly made cup wherever we go.  Even on top of Preikestolen! Enjoy!