Welcome to Heart Rock Coffee

We specialize in small-batch roasting to bring the freshest coffee-drinking experience to you!  We generally roast to order, so depending on how busy we are, you’re coffee will usually be shipped either the day it is roasted or the day after.  We also believe in marking each bag with the Roast Date so you know just how fresh your coffee is.

We also carry a selection of coffee accessories on our website and in the store. They are all products we use and rely on daily for our own coffee. They include Airscape coffee storage containers, cups, and a rock-solid french press all featuring the HRC logo. The kilo and 16 oz containers are great for bean storage. The small 4oz container is perfect for an extra dose of coffee to take along with the french press on a hike or kayak trip (we’re not the only one who doesn’t leave the house with a way to make more coffee, are we?). We also have coffee travel cups made by Miir (our favorite!) featuring the ‘I need coffee’ logo. And, if you really can’t leave home without your coffee – the Aeropress in normal and ‘travel’ size.

A little bit about us

Heart Rock Coffee is a combination of our two favorite things: collecting heart-shaped rocks from around the world on our travels and drinking the freshest coffee we can get our hands on.  For us, that means roasting our own coffee.  We started roasting for ourselves several years ago and that led to roasting for family and friends – and then more friends – and more friends….

After 24 years bouncing around the globe from one assignment to another, we have settled into post military retirement in the beautiful “Driftless” region of Southeast Minnesota.  We’ve found our own little slice of heaven out here in the country just a few miles away from the Mississippi River (as the eagle flies), where we see deer, turkeys, coyotes, and eagles on a daily basis.

We restarted Heart Rock Coffee in a converted a garage on our property.  However, we purchased and moved into 111 W. Main in Spring Grove in 2021 to expand our roasting options and create a retail space for folks to stop in and try our different coffees.  We had a blast renovating a pair of buildings build originally in the 1880s.  Over the years, we’ve loved hearing stories of the old C&D Cafe and other businesses that existed here before us.  We’ve even met a decendent of the original shop owner!   We proudly share our building with the Bluff Country Artist’s Gallery – a great source of locally produced art.

Tricia roasts on a Mill City 1kg roaster, which has proven to be a wonderful machine.  With the small machine, she’s able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the roasting process much more than on a larger machine.  She tracks each roast electronically for consistency, but has complete manual control of all of the roasting variables (heat, air flow, drum speed).  We’ve added a 10kg Ozturkbey roaster, but are still refurbishing it before we bring it online.

We buy our green beens from some wonderful companies who are focused on sustainability and fair practices and prices for the entire supply chain from crop to cup.  We only buy 100% Arabia specialty-grade coffee from our trusted sources so we can offer the highest quality product to you.  We may not always have the same inventory because although we have some ‘regulars’ we buy, we really enjoy trying out a variety of coffees ourself, so buy and sell small quantities of unique coffees to meet everyone’s interest.

We roast anywhere from 4-5 days per week.  Our batches are small, prepared to order and usually delivered fresh to your doorstep within 72 hours of roasting.

We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do!

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