Terms and Conditions

Please enjoy your coffee in moderation (or excess, your choice). Please contact us immediately if you have any questions, problems, feedback, or random thoughts we might enjoy hearing.

As a small, family owned business, we aim to support the smaller, family run coffee farms, independent community cooperatives and independent operations whenever possible. These small operators offer unique flavors, textures and aromas which we love to discover and then share with you.

We support sustainable farming practices and fair pay for farmers and processors. Were we can, we’ve traced beans back to village cooperates and individual farmers – and they have amazing stories to share. The history of coffee’s proliferation around is filled with horror stories of oppression, but now has become a source for inspiration and uplifting stories of bringing economic vitality to some of the poorest areas of the world. Some of these stories are built off of certifications like ‘fair trade’ and ‘organic’, which have raised awareness, improved lives for small producers and ecology awareness in the coffee-producing world. However, these certifications come with a price, both for small producers and for small roasting companies like ours, and in some ways, have become an industry unto itself. So, we always seek coffee grown in ecologically smart ways by farmers who are properly compensated for their hard work.